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January 2022

Custom Update Forms now available for Transactional Emails

We’re excited to share that you can now create Custom Update Forms for your Transactional Emails. 😍

This was a highly requested feature from our customers, as Custom Update Forms are a very popular feature we already offer for sending regular Email Campaigns, enabling you to easily manage your user’s newsletter preferences.

How can I add a Custom Update Form to my Transactional Emails?

To get started, go to Contacts > Forms > Update Profile, to create a new custom update form you would like to use for your Transactional Emails.

Now you can choose to create a new email template or edit an existing template, and select your desired custom update form from the drop down menu on your Email Setup page.

In your email template design, you can now add a link to your custom update form in your email footer, by selecting the ‘​​Update your preferences’ link from the email link drop down menu.

Create tags for transactional SMS in Marketing Automation

We’ve made it simple for you to view the performance of your Transactional SMS campaigns in your automation workflows.

To get started, all you need to do is create a tag when setting up the ‘Send an SMS’ action in your Marketing Automation workflow.

To view the performance of a transactional SMS you have tagged, simply go to Transactional Emails > Statistics > search for your tag in the drop down menu.

What else is new …

You can now enable 1st-party cookie tracking for Marketing Automation. We highly recommend making the switch from 3rd party cookie tracking, as this is being deprecated by many browsers including Firefox and Chrome.

We’ve improved the mapping of attributes during the contact sync process, and have also modified the contact details on the module settings page.


You can now pass a set of contacts with their updated fields in one single API call via a JSON payload. This is useful for when you have multiple contacts that need to have one or more properties updated. Each contact can have different fields overwritten/updated through this call.

We’ve improved the UX for getting started with our Shopify Plugin! If you haven’t connected your store yet, we’ve now made it simpler for you to get started with eCommerce marketing using Sendinblue.